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<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited time </span>Florify® for Kids
Size: 30 packets Item: 4306

Florify for Kids contains 5 billion active cultures with 7 strains for kids to help improve digestive health, immune health, and overall health. Recommended for children 4 and older.

Meet Koala Pals Shakeables! With delicious Smooth Strawberry flavour, your kids will be begging for more! Each serving is packed with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, improved protein and fibre levels, and improved immune support to give kids the daily nutrients they need.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time </span>Clear Power Bundle <span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Save 10%</span>
Size: 3 products Item: 2086

  • Use on glass, stainless steel, and shiny surfaces
  • Plant derived ingredients and ammonia-free
  • Works best with our lint-free Microfibre Glass Cleaning Cloths

Just grab, wipe, and toss. These handy, biodegradable wipes are a quick, convenient, and eco-friendly way to clean up messes on the go, with no caustic chemicals inside.

Goes on like a dream and smells like one too! Jasmine and peach nectar harmonise with natural vanilla and warm amber. This bundle contains 2x Affinia Vanilla Musk & Jasmine Gentle Plant-Based Body Cleanser and 1x Affinia Vanilla Musk & Jasmine Gentle Nourishing Body Lotion. (Pumps sold separately)

Face facts: men’s skin could benefit from a healthy routine. Shop the Alloy Facial Care Bundle and receive a FREE Alloy Shave Gel!

Thyme to meet someone new! Fresh and stimulating, this oil is one of our favourites for enlivening our senses with its invigorating aroma.

Hit refresh with this sweet-smelling spray! Ideal for gym bags and shoes, this blend features a combination of Lemongrass, Black Spruce, Lime, Lemon, Scotch Pine, Citronella, and Melaleuca oil. ​

Convenient single-use tabs use natural enzymes to effectively break down food and remove stains, giving your dishes a spot–free shine. Contains no chlorine bleach or phosphates. Order two packs and save 15%.

Let’s all stay calm! Roman Chamomile is the king of relaxation – featuring a soft, floral, and slightly fruity aroma we can’t get enough of. Fun fact: in the 15th century, this soothing and balancing oil was used by Roman soldiers to help prepare them for battle.

Get jazzed to meet Ginger! This oil has a distinctive earthy and spicy fragrance that is extremely popular in therapeutic massage and for adding flavour to a variety of dishes. Dilute and apply to your abdomen for a warming and soothing experience.

Calm, cool, and collected. Get through the storm with 11 cool-toned eyeshadows, including shimmery grays, purples, and dusky neutrals.

Good vibes only! Inspired by sunny days and warm nights, this palette features 11 shades kissed with peach glitter, rose gold, and soft orange.

Drink it in! Destined to become the palette you reach for every morning (and you won’t even have to wait in line to get your fix), Morning Coffee features 11 eyeshadows in a variety of finishes.

Inspired by nature and the simple pleasures that surround us. This palette features 11 earth-toned shades in a variety of finishes – from light and soft as buttermilk to deep and shimmering as an evergreen forest.

Meet Helichrysum! We love this oil’s sweet and restorative nature – not only is it a staple in many luxury perfumes, but it’s also been used in skin care for centuries. Add 1–2 drops to a quarter-sized amount of your facial moisturiser and get glowing!

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited time</span> Unforgettables
Size: 30 tablets Item: 60116

Your brain ages with the rest of your body! Unforgettables combines the natural powers of Ginkgo biloba, Bacopa monnieri, and phosphatidylserine.

Tart, juicy pomegranate mingles with light, fresh-cut herbs and a spritz of citrus. (Pump sold separately)

Essential Oil Tooth Polish is fluoride-free and uses papain (naturally sourced from papaya), baking soda, and PURE Essential Oils. Only Melaleuca Tooth Polish features ProRadiant Technology to deeply clean and whiten teeth without damaging tooth enamel, giving you a radiant smile! ProRadiant Technology is an exclusive, new, cutting-edge technology powered by natural ingredients like xylitol, T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil, and coconut-based cleansers for an exceptional brushing experience!

Add instant holiday cheer with these limited-time dolomite diffusers. A great gift for friends and family or even for yourself!

Introducing Turmeric! Known as “The golden spice,” this is the stuff that gives mustard and curries their happy yellow colour. Tumeric oil is great for skin care: simply add a drop or two to your moisturiser.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">Limited Time</span> FiberWise® Drink - Green Apple
Size: 30 servings Item: 60143

A great-tasting, high-fibre drink. Delivers 14 g of fibre per serving, from psyllium husk, rice bran, oat, apple, corn plus vitamins C and E. Psyllium husk contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and to the maintenance of normal circulatory system. Powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and E contribute to the protection of the cells from oxidative stress. Sweetened with stevia.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold;">Limited time</span> Alloy™ Cologne
Size: 65 ml Item: 5458
  • Haunting marine notes combined with tantalising citrus and musk
  • Significantly lower price than other brands

Meet Cardamom! Known as “The queen of spices” this oil is treasured for its warm, spicy aroma and soothing properties. Add a drop or two to a warm bath to enhance your relaxation.

Meet Myrrh! Famous for its cleansing ability (you may have seen it in your toothpaste or mouth rinse), this resinous oil has a history that dates back to 600 B.C., where it was used in incense and perfumes. We love how Myrrh’s warm aroma can inspire feelings of calm and harmony.

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